Sunday, September 26, 2010


....hmmm....lazy lazy and veryy lazyy....lately ive been really lazy like rally really lazy!!!
guys i need sum help plss!!!urrghhh stress out w open house like almost every week...sume pegi without fail!hahaha n noww m gaining sum weight,hmm cmna???i do eat a lot fer d past few weeks!!diet time is ON!!

orayte tis is basically what i have fer noww...i need to speed things up!!!!GIat MARA works works and tons of works! act no ideas,..seriously creative mode turn off due to my laziness urghhhh....

okay m soo stressed out w this pic!ive rotated tis pix like a zillion time bt still it turn out like tis..urghhhh stress again!
so pouches anyone?

make up bags :)

owh btw tis is lucky!hehe die pun gedik nak masuk blog hahaha

okayy dats it fer noww.
seriously blank.
no ideas T.T
peace out!


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