Monday, September 20, 2010

best friends just wont leave your side.

listen awak,
i know everything will be okay!and you're gonna be fine. i promise you...
I'll lean on awak and awak lean on me and we'll be okay!btol x?
cause you are my dearest friend and i wont let anything happen to you or hurt you!
thats what are friends for, ayte?
i heard someone says, forgive all that hurt you, forget none that help you.
thats what ive been doing ryte now...
i am learning to breath so can awak...
i know you can do it!you and me together will get through this. 
i'll help you my dear.
and the most i can do for awak right now is simply to be your friend...
i'll shall never leave you and will be with you through thick or thin..
and awak tau kan, i love you very very muchh...just stay strong and have faith in yourself.
DOnt wory i'll pray for you, i'll pray for both of us.
we shall find the truth sooner or later
and God will lead us the way...
awak!sy janji! :D

goodnyte awak, sleep tight and take care of yourself cause i really do...


  1. awak,
    terima kasih.
    i am in tears.
    terima kasih sgt. sgt.
    saya love awak too.

  2. fuck dont even know how to appreciate can be claimed as a two faced..
    when you got in trouble you search for "this friends" but when you in a happy mood you never find "this friends"!!!is this what we called friendship???fuck you..fuck who you are!!!fakers!!no wonder there's people out there telling stories bout u!!!

  3. sneaky person you are!!!
    afraid someone like me to post something bad bout afraid of reality!!!lol..
    faced it suckers!!!let people read what am i writing!!

  4. you ask someone not to leave you..but the thing is you leave so many friends behind!!!you only find them back when you found that someone is bad mouthing bout you..

  5. gee nadia welcome!!!
    nwayyy to d other person who r u ey???
    err slh blog ker?

  6. so much hatred mr/ms anonymous????
    wow ayue aminuddin must be nothing but extremely famous back in skuul! ;P

  7. whoa!
    got any balls mr/ms anonymous?
    sure person as LOUD and FRANK as you are got one right?
    then explain this, why are you ANONYMOUS?
    anonymous don't have voice.
    therefore, we can't hear you and your bullshits.
    or in this case, read.

    please stop perasan boleh?
    this post is posted for and directed to especially yours truly.
    nak perasan kenapa bhaii?

    geli hati lah!

  8. whoa!
    hey anonymous.
    i wonder if you got any balls.
    oh, my mistake. you dont i guess.
    cause if you do you wont be anonymous.
    pity poor you.
    whatcha sayin anyways?
    we cant hear you for anonymous dont have voices.

    p.s: this post is dedicated especially to yours truly. SIAPA KAU nak terasa?
    english berterabur ada hati nak sibuk orang lain punya post.
    adalah lebih baik jika anda pergi belajar balik.
    belajar bahasa inggeris, belajar adab dan belajar agama juga.

  9. hahahah gee thx nadia!!!auchh gell okayy!
    did u hear dat mista anonymous??
    huhu al d best for u honey :D
    ps: m so muchh in love w u guys!!!!!!mwahxxxxxx

  10. hey so much is going on in here..
    welcome to the ce'web'rity world ayue.

    i think mr/ms anonymous has so much pain inside.lets spread love ayue.hatred wont do it.
    mungkin dia tak cukup kasih sayang lah tuh.

    dear mr/ms anonymous,
    people come and go.true friend stays.may be the friendship u believed u have with ayue was not genuinely truth?and pointing finger to only one person, with your bad words and rude language isn't NOBLE.though.

    calling ayue muka 2 muka 8 also isn't smart bcos i think u are worse by not having ONE face at much as u'r swearing on her let us see who u are.let us know your name then only it would be put ayue in the situation of 'show this post unless u are sneaky' yet u urself are being sneaky and wanna humiliate her..and then hide ur self?

    until you get the courage.never get involve with other people's life okayh..*enough said*