Friday, May 27, 2011

An eternity of bliss.

Yes, it's true. I'm back to this blog. Literally my hand is soo gatal to write everything, rite now haha, so just bare with me okay?:)
Hurm well, I have nothing much to tell exactly, but little things did happened. Hope I can tell you in the next few days. (Lets hope I won't be too lazy to update this particular blog :P)
Now I'm more free to write and to get back on my daily life.(not that free, tons of works really, but hey I still can make time for this hehe) 

For now, the best I can say is that I didn't feel so good with myself in a while, at peace with me.
It's been a long time since I felt sentimental. Ironically, it happens when I wanted to box as much emotions as possible to focus on my work but then what can I do?
Fixing our lives can be as much hard as fixing your soul. It requires a lonely and long work. And of course there will be scars that will continue forever, parts of your soul that will never know the true meaning of the word happiness.

I really don't know what life reserves for me. I am privileged to have seen what I have in this short and ephemeral joys of life. I am blessed for what I have right now. Only God knows, what lays ahead for me in the future. For now, I can just sit down and decide what am I going to do next, despite knowing that everything won't come easily. It requires a lot of hard works and patience! There's no turning back. Maybe I will have a crappy night but I hope tomorrow will be a new day. Even if the problems won't go away, even if they get worse, I'll still be here, as long as good people around me, it'll be just fine.

Yerp, and still I hope an eternity of bliss afterwards. Just like fairytales, I hope one day, I'll finish my story with " ...and they live happily ever after." someday, I hope. :)

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  1. orait this one is quite longer than i thought haha :P