Monday, May 30, 2011

The Promise.

I call it a day! Ha ha ha not that something awesome had happened. It just me feeling plain but good. Humph what was that supposed to mean by the way?Hahaha okay I'm totally blur right now but hey this is the higlights of the day. I get to taste honey dew for the first time in my life ever!! Well, it's pretty awesome I guess. :p

Okaylaa that's not the point. This is me here again, rumbling over life which haven't change a bit since last year. Well, I thought this year is going to be different but it's not. Ha ha ha. I dont know which part is funny but somehow after all what had happened for the last few months, yerp its pretty funny now. I look funny, that's what I think but still I manage to smile even it hurts me so much like I could kill someone with just one punch!!

Alright, I think that's enough for today. Promise you, I'll get back to you. I will write something more. Promise promise promise you I will never keep things to myself again! Again you are my world for now :)

I love you.


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