Thursday, June 2, 2011


I heart you my dear bffs!
just stay by my side and never let me go.
just stay you, not anyone else.
You're the reason why I smile and giggles,
You thought me the joys of life when my world seems to fall apart,
and not a single guy can make me happy as you are my dear dear BFFs!
Friends are like forever!
I'll always be here for you too.

 izzaida si nakal!<3 u sis!haha.
My dearest Ez,
Thank you for everything. You show me how to see things in different way. It feels like heaven. maybe this is what heaven is where we go through life collecting people and places we love, and they become our heaven just like you Zee ;). Thank you for being such a good friend. It's been 11years now. Still we fought, we cried, we played and laughed and here we go again still together and still strong. hope we can keep this forever. I lean for you and you'll lean for me. We have each other's back. Promise you I will always be there for you no matter how. Senoritass I love you!

pnut si cantik!!miss u senoritass!
My dearest Pnut,
Even though we spend a very short time together, I already missed you. Please do come back here immediately for I need your jokes like real fast haha!Missing the old times!We should catch up later. More stories to tell you!By the way, I promise you I'll take care of Ez and uncle for you okay!I'll be a good sister. K.yuyue yang sweet gitu hehe. Anyway Pnut, really thank you for making me laugh all the time!Senoritasss I love you!

nadia si sexy!!hotty!:D
Hey miss nadia dear,
Hey yo hotty!Haha its funny whenever I remember our first meeting on how we get to know each other hahah. Well thanks to Mr. Ass-hole (Sy***i) and Mr. Whore (S***i) you know who!or else I will never get to know you. So this is what we call life, where we meet people in weird ways, literally(I might say that la haha) but still we manage to create a bond which no one will understand other than us. Well, I have to say, I have a great time shopping with you(habis duit all the time hahah). Hang out till 5am with Azizi. Paramore's concert, overnight at your house, and so other crazy little things that we did together. Aahh missing the good times. Time flies. Like real fast aite?Hermm, I wish you were with me. Thank you for always there for me whenever I need you to be. You're the best!

 halim karim si egois!:P
Halim Karim dear,
Herm what to say about you ey mista?Hahaha what can I say about you is that you're funny and very thoughtful person!Yes, you're a very thoughtful person!(daymm kene admit okay!) You always giving me a good advice on how I should take responsibility in every actions I took in life. And the best part about you,suke tgk korean moviesand suke Justin bieber!hahaha how cute is that???Tp pening jugak kadang-kadang tu hahah.But seriously you're a really good friend to me and Ez (though ko suke zassss aku!)haha :) Thank you and thank you again for everything halim :)

shazrina si manis!hehe :)
Shazrina my goddes,
Seriously I really admire your flawless skin and kelembutan (though ada garang sket!haha) You're kinda cool and I like to hang out with you more. It's been blessed for me to have a great friend like you. Owh, thank you for listening to all my crappiness and my stupid stories haha. And last but not least, thank you for all the supports. I shall remember what you told me to do!hehe ^.^ Gambate yuyue!!
ps:  We should hang out more so I can write more about you LOL!

joshee si jahat!haha bluek!;p
A weird meeting with him. A childhood friend I guess. Always giving me this mixed feelings. Sometimes like I just want to punch him right in the face. Sometimes, feels like I just want to sit and talk with him the whole day. Just hanging out and watching movies with you, nothing else just a good laugh with you. That's it. But most of the time you always making me bengang hahah. Yes suke zass I!But hey I still like talking with you. Thank you for the good times for all this while.
Ps: you still bff yang jahat!hahaha jahat in a good way kot.(motif??):P

ps: friendship till the pig starts to fly :) you guys ROCK my world!!


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