Saturday, October 2, 2010

On friendship :D

dear mr/ms anonymous,

hey awak!
awak okay?
hopefully ure fine insyaAllah..
well today its about me talking on friendship.
hermm what say awak about ideal friendship?
till now i still cant answer the question myself.
what's my idea of an ideal friendship?
haha frankly saya browse google, yahoo, blogs semata-mata nak cari jawapan on true friendships.
well they did give me plenty of answers.
and those answers sure did give me goosebumps.
hehe series saya xtipu!
sometimes it could relate to me for things that happened to me all this time.
yerp saya selalu dengar,
 friends is someone who tries to be there for you till the end.
even if they unable to be there for you, there must be thousand of explanations.
there should be!
just to make sure you know that they tried their very best :)
for me,
 friends is more on someone who doesnt push you into answering questions that you dont wanna answer..
and they would give you time and wait for you to open up on your own.
friends also is someone who will just had a good time with you no matter what ure doing.
and friends is someone who doesnt talk behind your back.
plus if we did wrong, friends will always there to correct you, am i right?
dont you agrre with me?
awak rasa cmtu x?
sometimes, kawan mmg xsedar yang dia penah buat silap secara sengaja atau tidak.
saya sedar, im not perfect and so do awak kan?
i wish this was heaven and so i could tell awak that perfect(sempurna) people do exist :S
but the fact is it aint, honey!
well a true friendship no one can really define what it really means.
different people different cases.
saya harap awak faham.
so believe in ur own friendship and ur friends.
if awak take ur own time to think about what is friendship and choosing the best friend among you..
then u havent think it carefully and awak urself not taking the time to love ur own friendship!
friendship is something for you not to judge but for you to embrace and make your soul to ur friends.
if you did that, then welcome to the world of FRIENDSHIP!
haha saya rase saya da cakap byk ni..
lets forgive all that hurt you and forget none that help you okay?
saya minta maaf di atas segala kesulitan..
cause rite now im actually smiling cause i really have no idea what is going on.
saya xtaw ape masalah awak, but i'll bet it'll be hard to pronounce.
but its least awak berani lontarkan pedapat :D
saya pun belajar banyak from awak...
yang penting have some balls to face that person kan awak?
hehe okaylaaa....
hopefully saya xlupe wish awak;


  ps: i love you whoever you are.
  you are what you are and no one can change that!
   thank you for your wonderful speech.
  thanks for making me the center of your world tee hee.
   saya suka. suka awak!terima kasih :D


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